Talent Acquisition and Workforce Management All In One

Ann Wyatt Recruiting's Fully Automated Contracting Plan is designed for our clients that require Candidates with specific skill sets  for essential and high priority short and long term projects.  We blend our Fully Automated Search plan features and our Workforce Mangement solutions to:

Strategically Source, Market and Qualify Leading Technical Contractors

Manage Employment Records and Administrative Tasks 

Maintain and Nurture Contractor and Client Relationships 

Talent Acquisition Features:

Full Suite Candidate Sourcing

An innovative blend of our own candidate sourcing techniques mixed with AI Powered Sourcing and software.

Customized Digital Marketing

Using video marketing software to digitally present your Company to our strategically sourced Candidates.

Integrated Evaluations

A metrics-driven assessment of each presented Candidate's skill sets integrated with a full rating system.

Video Interviews

Access Candidates with your internal Hiring Managers from anywhere. Interview templates are included in this newest ´╗┐´╗┐digital recruitment trend.

Fully Automated On-Boarding

Professional vetting and qualifying of records within 7 years of each New Hire.

Workforce Management Solutions:

Health  Benefits
Full healthcare coverage is available within three health plans for all contractors working at least 30 hours per week through Cigna Health. Voluntary Dental and Vision coverage is also available through Gaurdian.

Health Savings Account
The Health Savings Account allows employees to put tax free dollars away for current and future medical expenses. The HSA is administered through Health Equity and comes complete with 24/7 customer support and an online portal.

401K Savings Plan 
Employess can elect either a traditional 401k (pre-tax) or a Roth (post tax). Employees may also contribute up to 90% of their weekly gross pay and previous rollover options are available.

Full Employer Of Records Service
We provide full Employer of Records Services to our Clients including administrative tasks relating to workforce law (unemployment insurance, workmen's compensation, etc.) and financial tasks (payroll, timekeeping, ect.).

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